this is the speech I gave at the St. Olaf Gospel Choir’s Fall Concert today, as well as at a beautiful little church in Minneapolis a few weeks ago. thankful for the oppertunity to speak on racial justice and grieving, and for the incredible family I’m proud to sing with.  … I left the first … More flood/fire/flight

broken febuary

  I remember that broken February when I read Augustine for the first time, and I knew that I would never believe in his pear tree, his mother or his faith. His agonies of ecstasy, his fear and trembling joy, his surrender to whatever it was that called him. How impossible his healing. … I … More broken febuary

the first death

I am so young that I can’t remember the world being anything other than enormous. The road from our apartment to the park winds too close to being a journey I can’t make on six-year-old feet. My father holds my hand as I balance on the curb. I must have walked so many miles that … More the first death

prayer for a paper

  Lord of all Letters, Let our words be worthy, our paragraphs perfect. Let no bibliography go un-checked; let the spellcheck be just. As the night goes swiftly on, Let the coffee be bitter to better betray our beds. Let us not have heart palpitations. Let us not over-dose on caffeine. May our evidence be … More prayer for a paper

protect the goalie

We left the school at five in the morning, hauling hockey gear. It was hours to Pennsylvania, and we wanted to get there early. A full Greyhound bus with only eight high school boys, a tired coach and me. I tried to read. The boys played video games and gossiped about people I didn’t know. … More protect the goalie