a thought

The end of everything is to be loved out loud and the beginning of me is quiet. … © 2015 Anna-Christina Betekhtin, All Rights Reserved.

tender & awkward

Something tender and awkward in the crook of your elbow, how you hum so low and drop pens always. Small smile I cannot understand, tell me what you know, friend. I do not know how dear I am to you. … © 2015 Anna-Christina Betekhtin, All Rights Reserved.

lead and the loon

  Between small flat pebbles and the sound of rushing water on the quay—far from what was known, the abandoned loon stooped to pray knobble-kneed on gleaming cobblestones when sharp lead pierced its breast; the sound sent something trembling away. … © 2015 Anna-Christina Betekhtin, All Rights Reserved.


There is a reason that they call it robin’s egg blue, for nowhere else save that fragile, formidable chalice is it found. I wanted to call that small and sacred eggshell mine, but no. It shattered lovely at my touch, for it was riddled through with the thousand-three struggles of the fighter fierce. … © … More crusade

the new place

In the cab ride to the new place, I clutched the cattle head we had hung above our doorway. Bubble wrap was not as safe as my hands. Horns weapons in my lap, danger in too-close proximity. I would sleep on our couch for six months, but didn’t know it then. I watched August pass … More the new place

simple touches

This is how they all start, isn’t it. A shuddering horse in the cold, simple touches— fall away, come away. The way desire catches in the throat. Shiver sounds like I don’t know what I’m doing here, I don’t want to hurt   the silent heat between us. … © 2015 Anna-Christina Betekhtin, All Rights Reserved.

shine your silver

This is a very old one, from high school, that always seems to be relevant.  … shine your silver and wipe the dust from your brow. shake the crumbs from your clothes. now is the time to tie your shoes with satin bows; to throw your wristwatch in the river and dance. … © 2015 … More shine your silver