three dreams

A few dreams ago, I watched the dancers float in and out of the stage, a long dark canyon into fog. Rehearsing and misremembering, I watch children weep in white. Some float away into the rafters as they cry, buoyant by means not their own. Their tears stain the stage. I sop them up with … More three dreams

however late

This is the first year I put up tinsel. Sways silver in the draft, sends shimmering shadows into the corners. I had to tape up the corners of my posters, a few fell down today. A grey wet Monday, and no new beginnings to speak of. Soon it will be colder. This is weather to … More however late

sick slate

It was around this time many years ago when our class went to a summer camp as the autumn turned cool. We were to talk to each other without the skyscrapers leaning over us. When we got to the bare cabins where even now the snow had fallen, a fever fell me. I nearly fainted … More sick slate