sometime early on

Note: Ruthenium Fruit Bat, this is what happens when you “joke” that you only check the blog to see if you’re on it. Then I write sappy #@%$&* like this. Sigh. ~acb … There is a silence that grows around friendships as they go on. There are some things that do not need to be … More sometime early on

atlas knew the weight

Atlas knew the weight, resented it, let go his loathsome as often as he could, but learned to love the load of it, though he never spoke so. Here comes what is mine. Let go my load. … © 2015 Anna-Christina Betekhtin, All Rights Reserved.

our good dentist

  I was always envious of my father’s platinum tooth, my mother’s gold molar. I am convinced the first lie I ever told was that I had brushed my teeth. What child does? My golden mother glinting, hair and mouth aflame, would sigh and trust me and my brother to do take care of our … More our good dentist

more murmured truth

  The professor says there is a difference between beauty that is apparent and that which lives within. We all nod like we know. After all, we’ve read the stories, old crones shedding rags and wrinkles for flashing jewels on fresh throats. A wrinkled old turtleneck and boots that can’t begin to be presentable become … More more murmured truth

kitchen love

Suck lemons before you ask for love. Because your kitchen has much in it already. A cherry danish will look you in the eye every morning. A bagel will not sigh at the reminder of something promised. Coffee will hold your face in its palms until you remember why. Roast chicken will wrestle the sorrow … More kitchen love

pears in the dark

Pears in the dark, sparkling limoncello and the rumbled grumbles of the air conditioning. One am on a summer night, alone at the kitchen table. Nestle the cold can on the back of your neck, feel the rhythmic flicker of the orange street light move through your dusty shoulders, shiver; resolve to clean your windows, … More pears in the dark