things you learn in retail at a resort hotel.

Going through my files, saw this again and smiled. Summer jobs might be tough, but they sure are worth it. ~acb

Wear your name tag on your left side.
Clock in here.
They come every year.
An SKU is the same as a PLU.
This is their first time.
Ring up a gift card on the POS system first, then redeem the gift card for the same amount on the other machine, staple both receipts back-to-back.
They are here for a wedding.
The six bridesmaids float by in yellow, holding their shoes in their hands, daffodils in their hair.
They are here for a conference.
The waiters go to dinner together before their shift, hands held behind, tight moving pack,

short coats cut close to the back.
They are here to play golf.
It has been raining continuously since last Sunday.
A split tender will allow for a guest to use up the entire value of a gift card and pay for the remaining balance with whatever other form of payment they choose.
In the back of the house, the waiters fold napkins and eat nectarines.
They drove seventeen hours from Texas. They brought their seventeen-year-old dog.
An antler chew is safe and indeed advisable for an active, healthy puppy.
Should your purple unicorn/horse puppet be fed marbles by a sniggering two-year-old,

play dead.
They are passing through.
Demonstrate how the walking duck push-toy works

so that he stops hitting his brother over the head with it.
They are off to Nebraska tomorrow.
Help him onto the tricycle, push him around the shop.
The conference ends this evening.
Do you carry ______?
Of course.
Do you have ______?
Of course.
Your card and your receipt, sir.
Count 48 pennies, recount 49 pennies, count 48 pennies, recount 49 pennies.
She wore orange lipstick, had blue hair,

and bought a ceramic chicken because she liked it.
Let me wrap that up for you.
“Do you have a husband?” “No, ma’am, I’m 19.” “That never stopped me!”
Is there anything else I can do for you?
Forward your phones at the end of the night.
Un-forward them in the morning.
Sign your name
to every penny that you count.

© 2015 Anna-Christina Betekhtin, All Rights Reserved.

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