checking in

Well, here we are again, after what seems like an age, because it was.

This is to tell you all that in September of last year I very nearly died of a very rare, fast-growing, treatable kind of brain cancer. After a summer of migraines and exhaustion, my friend demanded that I go to the emergency room when my eyelid started drooping, upon which I immediately had an emergency surgery. I froze my eggs, had another surgery to clean out the tumor that grew back, thirty fractions of radiation and four rounds of chemo. And here I am.

During that time, I didn’t write anything other than a few pieces to perform at The Tank, and updates for my friends and family. There is so much to write about. But for now, I want to remember how to write poems, and try my hand at more theatre-driven, performable pieces, as opposed to page-centered works, to be read under your breath or out loud to yourself or a friend.

There is much to be done, new projects and so many old projects I feel re-inspired by.

Thanks for being here.


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