the curse of clarity

{this is the poem featured in the previous post, ‘how to leave college’. I always like to pull out the poems from the larger works, because it reassures me that they can also stand on their own. I think the only rule I follow in writing is context, context, context, always. and it’s always fun … More the curse of clarity

protect the goalie

We left the school at five in the morning, hauling hockey gear. It was hours to Pennsylvania, and we wanted to get there early. A full Greyhound bus with only eight high school boys, a tired coach and me. I tried to read. The boys played video games and gossiped about people I didn’t know. … More protect the goalie

pears in the dark

Pears in the dark, sparkling limoncello and the rumbled grumbles of the air conditioning. One am on a summer night, alone at the kitchen table. Nestle the cold can on the back of your neck, feel the rhythmic flicker of the orange street light move through your dusty shoulders, shiver; resolve to clean your windows, … More pears in the dark

small questions

I like it when you’re around, that’s all. The idea of perhaps, the touch that will not stay, small questions and walking home in the cold. We listen to trains whistle in the night and do not sigh too much. Why don’t you stay awhile. We can wait for the morning like we said we … More small questions