college heartache

It’s a heartache, nothing but a heartache… … Three in the morning and it is a time of heartache. Nothing breaks. But there are nightmares, of seeing faces I know through windows that should be closed and curtained. They peer through open and bare glass, as surely and cold as the stares of tired children … More college heartache


One afternoon, when I was young, I found a swan’s feather by the shore of the boat pond, straight and white, the slight hard curve of a silhouette. I bought an ostrich feather in midtown, in a shop filled with buttons and ribbons, froth and tumble of extravagant curls. The peacocks running free at the … More feathers

country life

Build the mill, plow. Keep the orchards clean, shear the flocks and turn them out to pasture. There is no disaster. Fear not the flood and flame, the wasting disease the herd will suffer come autumn. Perhaps the corps shall rot. Grass will grow. You will have white wool and apples. … © 2018 Anna-Christina … More country life

the nothing

If anyone asked me now what there was between us, I would swear it was nothing. The last time we fought was years ago, three in the morning, his eyes red from drink, mine from crying. The others are wickedly hilarious at the other end of the table, laughing off the alcohol. I trace the … More the nothing

the first death

I am so young that I can’t remember the world being anything other than enormous. The road from our apartment to the park winds too close to being a journey I can’t make on six-year-old feet. My father holds my hand as I balance on the curb. I must have walked so many miles that … More the first death

prayer for a paper

  Lord of all Letters, Let our words be worthy, our paragraphs perfect. Let no bibliography go un-checked; let the spellcheck be just. As the night goes swiftly on, Let the coffee be bitter to better betray our beds. Let us not have heart palpitations. Let us not over-dose on caffeine. May our evidence be … More prayer for a paper