three dreams

A few dreams ago, I watched the dancers float in and out of the stage, a long dark canyon into fog. Rehearsing and misremembering, I watch children weep in white. Some float away into the rafters as they cry, buoyant by means not their own. Their tears stain the stage. I sop them up with … More three dreams


When I was young, I would twist my left knee up and sideways until it was level with the bottom of my ribcage, bend my head until I could get eye-level with the dark splotch that marked my sole. As I grew, it faded and I forgot that I was ever marked on the arch, … More feet

shine your silver

This is a very old one, from high school, that always seems to be relevant.  … shine your silver and wipe the dust from your brow. shake the crumbs from your clothes. now is the time to tie your shoes with satin bows; to throw your wristwatch in the river and dance. … © 2015 … More shine your silver