Gabriel’s Lament

Mercy, Lord. I cannot learn to weep again. I have forgotten how. I am no match for a gentle hand and a wondering eye. I was unable to mop her tears up with gold embroidered sleeves, heavy weight of God’s light. … When I saw you by the gate, mud-daub and dust dark with the … More Gabriel’s Lament

Eve’s Lament

Of the red earth you came, and I came from you. O Adam, now we till the ground from which we were taken. We were carved of rock and sandstone. Now we are dust and dirt. Unto it we will return. But I did not know how to move until I was dust. The wind … More Eve’s Lament

Adam’s Lament

The beasts walked with me before they knew their names. How were we to know? Good and evil and the difference between are points on a map as yet unwritten. All was yours, Lord. We were yours, for a time, before the flaming sword. We could not be anything other than this, could we? Did … More Adam’s Lament