manna not from heaven

note: from wherever it is in the Bible that Moses and the Israelites find manna in the desert. always such a moving episode. ~acb … Manna not from heaven, but from the road beneath; wandered in the wilderness, sought for what was meet in the vengeful eyes of god. Who could have sought such sugar, blended sour with the … More manna not from heaven

prayer for a paper

  Lord of all Letters, Let our words be worthy, our paragraphs perfect. Let no bibliography go un-checked; let the spellcheck be just. As the night goes swiftly on, Let the coffee be bitter to better betray our beds. Let us not have heart palpitations. Let us not over-dose on caffeine. May our evidence be … More prayer for a paper

Yosef’s Lament

Note: “Yosef” is the earlier, more accurate Hebrew pronunciation of the name “Joseph”. … The good Lord knows I am a simple man, Miryam; I took you for wife when you were too young to know sunlight is a blessing, rain more so and the earth is hard. I know how to make things strong … More Yosef’s Lament

Miryam’s Lament

Note: “Miryam” is the earlier, more accurate Hebrew pronunciation of the name “Mary”. … Before you, Yosef, I only knew the roughness of the white goat’s flank on my cheek. The mottled one bucked wild whenever it saw me come to milk, so your ginger beard was a surprise, like green things in the dessert. … More Miryam’s Lament

Noah’s Lament

Lord, you know I was no man of renown in those days of old, when there were giants in the earth. Good men walked straight then, but there was no rest for the wicked or the saint when the Lord decided that he could not wait for the thing he did not have. Good men … More Noah’s Lament