rejoice alone

so this is the time to be alone, and rejoice. your heart is still whole after all these years. when there was nothing save the sidewalk salt, cigarettes in the gutter and unwashed skin— it was for naught but now. you were made to button shirts, read bright-covered books. run your hands through the puzzle … More rejoice alone


If this is not an ambush, why am I so afeared; who is it that behind me murmurs threats so sweet, so dear. I glory not in gore or pain, there is nothing I adore. But if this is to end in terror true, let me have it more. … © 2018 Anna-Christina Betekhtin, All … More surprise

sleeves pulled thin

Coffee so hot it burns more than the throat, quiver and break and begin again more tremulous than ever. Sheathed wrists and sleeves pulled thin by uncut nails. Averted eyes and stale radiator hiss. Papercuts that break skin but do not draw blood, unwashed linen and too many dishes in the sink. Remember when you … More sleeves pulled thin