Noah’s Lament

Lord, you know I was no man of renown in those days of old, when there were giants in the earth. Good men walked straight then, but there was no rest for the wicked or the saint when the Lord decided that he could not wait for the thing he did not have. Good men … More Noah’s Lament

Eve’s Lament

Of the red earth you came, and I came from you. O Adam, now we till the ground from which we were taken. We were carved of rock and sandstone. Now we are dust and dirt. Unto it we will return. But I did not know how to move until I was dust. The wind … More Eve’s Lament

Adam’s Lament

The beasts walked with me before they knew their names. How were we to know? Good and evil and the difference between are points on a map as yet unwritten. All was yours, Lord. We were yours, for a time, before the flaming sword. We could not be anything other than this, could we? Did … More Adam’s Lament