a wine song

Have care, be kind, do not spill wine on strangers you have not yet met. Thank the glass for every drop; for the crystal that is not true cracked, for the shard that is not sharp as yet. Steady hand, sure-footed as she goes; look into the eyes of strangers and ask how much you … More a wine song


If this is not an ambush, why am I so afeared; who is it that behind me murmurs threats so sweet, so dear. I glory not in gore or pain, there is nothing I adore. But if this is to end in terror true, let me have it more. … © 2018 Anna-Christina Betekhtin, All … More surprise


Choke the smallest kindness, scorch the frozen earth; do not give the foolish merchant what it is not worth. Bury all the letters, burn the soft old shirts. You will cling to anything that will become dark dirt. Nothing soft to stay and soothe, everything will be abused by time; so cheat it. Kill it … More ruin