the curse of clarity

{this is the poem featured in the previous post, ‘how to leave college’. I always like to pull out the poems from the larger works, because it reassures me that they can also stand on their own. I think the only rule I follow in writing is context, context, context, always. and it’s always fun to switch it up, and pull things out of context and find that they have thier own. #literarytheory #pleaseno ~acb}

The curse of clarity and smooth spasms of light

as the cars speed by in the snow.

How much do I need to breathe before I sleep?

I have no nightmares other than being smothered.

The darkness breaks again and again.

Even through eyelids, hazy and awake in the rough beams,

I cannot fathom any blessings in this shattered night.

© 2017 Anna-Christina Betekhtin, All Rights Reserved.


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