but not now

The sky has finally darkened, the cloud cover fallen so near the rooftops. I looked through the window this morning and thought I saw a gargoyle, nestled among the vines. You can see him even now, dark rain-spigot snout, the sureness of engineered edges, un-bedraggled by the drizzle. The leaves cling to life, tattered and flushed with the effort. They do not relent easily. I am reading a man who says that “It is true that birth is disgraceful and death painful, but he who does not wish to begin and to end may resign the rank of a human being.” He fails to mention what comes in between: the steadiness of rain, imagined monsters, and frail things that will fall a little later, but not now.

~pg. 18, The Essence of Religion, Ludwig Feuerbach

© 2015 Anna-Christina Betekhtin, All Rights Reserved.

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