Eve’s Lament

Of the red earth you came,

and I came from you.

O Adam, now we till the ground from which we were taken.

We were carved of rock and sandstone.

Now we are dust and dirt.

Unto it we will return.

But I did not know how to move

until I was dust.

The wind has made me whirlwind.

Supple serpent, how you lisped the secrets I dare not list, but the truth is

apples rot now, willows sway in pain,

and why I yearned  for what was not mine to claim

I dare not say. I lost what I loved best,

but I did not know I loved him so.

And now he has hidden from me my own name

and I know not what I am.

Aye, Adam, fear came at the time of the evening breeze.

We knew we were naked when we saw

the flaws in our bodies. But I never woke with love

before your cracked bones gave me breath.

Our blood and pain

pour through the same veins.

Remember how closely we kissed the earth when we first met it?

It sent up storms of dust

and I clung to the only thing I could hold in my hands,

and found it was you.

I thought it would be the earth, cool and dry,

the mother we made home in

before we woke in sky.

Were you always there?

When we awoke in each other’s eyes,

I knew I loved you because I was afraid you would go

and the Lord would not be there to hear my cry.

Tense twisted neck and hard eyes,

I’ve learned to plead for poise,

cool waters and the song of silence,

since losing sweet unknowing.

But we can find the amen in the wound we made.

Aye, we walked with him in Paradise and did not speak.

There was nothing to be said, for he knew all

and we were content that it was so.

We never knew the Lord, for there were no words to know him by, when all was peace.

It was a word without meaning

when there was no war.

They will tell you that we fell, that to seek was sin.

But to awake in nightmare is to know that we once dreamt

and wandered where the lily grows.

Half-awake, we yearn for what we imagined was lost

and the pain is sweet.

Remember what we had?

And see now how we fight to regain Paradise!

I will try and love you.

Leave us here a little while, Lord,

to clear the muddled leaves from the path.

We had no work till now.

© 2015 Anna-Christina Betekhtin, All Rights Reserved.

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